Funeral Costs

Andrew Johnson Funeral Services, understand that funerals shouldn’t be about spending a fortune and that it should be about orchestrating a deep and meaningful goodbye. That’s why we provide low-cost services so you can say goodbye to your loved one and find closure without feeling pressured by the cost. We can promise you that quality will never be compromised.

How much does a funeral cost?

To get an understanding for our prices, we have provided a breakdown of costs for you.

Our funeral fees range from

  • £ 1987 includes a simple coffin.
  • £ 2120 includes our standard coffin
  • £ 2357 includes simple solid coffin

These prices exclude the third-party fees, otherwise known as disbursements. These can vary depending on whether a burial of cremation is taking place and where. Also, there may be doctors fees, ministers/priests/celebrants fees. Organist fees too can vary. These can be confirmed with us. On average third-party fees for a cremation can be just around £1000. Please confirm this with us.

If you have any questions regarding funeral costs, call our family run firm today who will be able to guide you through the funeral expenses. We regularly serve clients throughout Plumstead, Woolwich, Greenwich and the wider London area.