Direct cremation

A direct cremation from Andrew Johnson Funeral Services is best suited to those requiring a simple, understated send-off for their loved one. This option involves a straightforward cremation without a service, church or guest attendance.

Every grieving process is different and some families may not find a traditional funeral necessary. Instead, they might choose to say goodbye to their loved one in a more fitting way, without being bound by ceremony.

Whether you are putting plans together for yourself, a family member or a close friend, we understand that organising a service can be a difficult time. We will provide you with all the information and advice you need so that you feel empowered to make an informed decision.

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What is direct cremation?

A direct cremation is an affordable, simple cremation that is held without ceremony or attendees. They are a perfect option for those who find funerals daunting, as they offer an understated way to say farewell to your loved one. Direct cremations separate the personal goodbyes from the practical elements of cremation.

At Andrew Johnson Funeral Services, our staff will fully support you through the process of a direct cremation service, providing you with all the necessary support and guidance to cope during this distressing time. As a member of SAIF and the Good Funeral Guide, we support people across the South East of London so that they can honour their loved one in the way they find most appropriate.

What is the process of direct cremation?

When you choose a direct cremation with us, your loved one will be under the care of a qualified funeral director. We provide collection of the deceased from home or hospital; they will then be moved to a dignified resting place until the day of the cremation. Our compassionate staff will always treat the deceased with respect and care, regardless of the funeral arrangements they have.

On the day of the cremation, we will provide a simple coffin and one of our estate cars will transport the deceased to a local crematorium. The cremation will then take place without a church, ceremony or mourners. Following this, the ashes can be returned to the family if they wish.

Handling the cremation paperwork

We understand that this time is already incredibly difficult and your stress doesn’t need to be compounded by piles of cremation paperwork. When you choose a direct cremation with Andrew Johnson, we will handle all the necessary administration, helping to obtain a medical certificate and complete all cremation forms so the service can go ahead swiftly.

Why should you choose a direct cremation?

Direct cremations have grown in popularity in recent years as they offer an affordable and modern alternative to the traditional funeral. There are numerous reasons why people may opt for a direct cremation:

  • Affordability – Funeral and cremation costs can be a financial burden and a direct cremation is often the most budget-friendly option available.
  • Personal taste – Some people may prefer a no-fuss service over a traditional funeral.
  • Different grieving processes – Many people choose this service so that they can say goodbye on their own terms, perhaps opting for a memorial service at a later date.
  • Ease of planning – Large, bespoke funerals can be challenging to organise. A direct cremation can save time and energy during a difficult time.

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Andrew Johnson Funeral Services provides direct cremation services for those located throughout the South East of London. You will be fully supported by our compassionate staff and we are always happy to answer questions regarding cremation prices or arrangements.

How to arrange a direct cremation

When making cremation arrangements for your loved one, it can be difficult to know where to start. Let us take the stress out of this process so that you can focus on what’s really important.

1. Contact Us

Contact us online, over the phone or in person so that we can begin to help you make arrangements. We have a 24/7 contact line in operation for anyone requiring immediate assistance.

2. We'll handle the paperwork

Our experienced staff can handle all the necessary legal and medical paperwork, liaising with doctors and coroners to complete all documentation quickly and smoothly.

3. We’ll collect your loved one

We can collect your loved one from any home, hospital or mortuary and transport them to our funeral home.

4. We’ll take care of the cremation

We will arrange and perform the cremation in a respectful and professional way. Even though you won’t be present, our staff will ensure you’re fully informed and supported throughout the whole process.

5. Receive the ashes or scatter them here

Following the cremation, we can return the ashes to you if you wish. Alternatively, they can be scattered in the grounds of the crematorium.

For more information about our direct cremation services, do not hesitate to contact our experienced, compassionate staff today. We can pay you a visit at home for no extra cost, or you can discuss your requirements at our funeral parlour – whichever works best for you.

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